(Cheap!) Books for the Pandemic

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I’ve long had an attachment to hard copy books, of all sorts.  With limited space in New York City, I have been reluctantly exchanging my books into digital versions on my Kindle.  It’s not the same as being surrounded by books, but it’s a good alternative for folks like me, with little room to shelve books.  And, obviously, it’s convenient to be able to access one’s library—anytime and anywhere—on an IPad.

My restrained nature flew out the window as it became clear a couple of months ago that I, along with most Americans, became something of a shut-in.  The idea of having new books to read and enjoy became irresistible.  I returned to a favorite bookseller,

, to peruse their offerings.  For decades, I’ve found their collections terrific, covering many subject areas.  The books are well-priced and shipping fees, nominal.  In general, their turnaround time is excellent.  While the delivery was delayed, due to the pandemic, my big, beautiful box of books arrived last night.  As folks say in the South, “I was happy as a pig in mud.”  I wanted to share the link to Edward R. Hamilton’s website, should others be looking for new selections for the slow months ahead.

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