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I’ve long known the healing properties of animal companions.  But life in New York City is tricky and a lot of places aren’t welcoming to pets.  Fast forward to a few months ago and a mouse problem convinced me it was time to get a cat.

I started looking in all the usual ways, namely the ASPCA-type shelters.  However, beyond the extensive application process, getting an animal was severely hindered by the Covid Pandemic.   When I was growing up in Oklahoma, it was easy to find baby animals to adopt.  Well, that wasn’t the case anymore.

I decided to post my quest for a kitty on my Facebook page and was truly overwhelmed by the number of folks who had great suggestions about finding my perfect pet.  One post, in particular appealed to me.  It was from my friend Lyn, who’d attended my beloved seminary, One Spirit Learning Alliance.  Lyn was in the Carolina’s renovating a family property and had a friend/neighbor with a litter of kittens.  When she described one as a “lap cat,” I was in!

The kitten, currently named Stormy, would become my “Boots.”  (Stormy just reminded me of one of the countless Trump scandals.)  I decided his full name would be Boots Cameron Clark, after my longtime friend Bruce Cameron Clark.

We are now 1 week into our companionship.  I’m probably overfeeding him, but—hey—I’m looking for love, just like everyone else.  He has two speeds…0 and 100.  He sleeps a lot and his most loving time of the day is about 5:15 a.m.  He is very affectionate in the morning when he needs breakfast.  As I say, “There is no place in this studio that he can’t get and nowhere he won’t go.”   He’s very interested in my crafting “stuff” (especially the ribbons) and enjoys climbing on my cocktail gowns.  The entire apartment is treated like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway….and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Enjoy some pics of my animal companion Boots. 

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