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No doubt, this has been a dark time in New York City. With the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been an unspeakable number of New Yorkers infected with the virus, with a staggering mortality rate.  Beyond that, we’ve not even started to comprehend the long-term economic impact of this hellish chapter in our nation’s history. That being said, I felt the need to write something that was a little more cheerful.

Anyone who knows me recognizes that I have a full-on card and fine paper addiction. It started innocently enough in graduate school, and now it is in full bloom. Nothing makes me happier than creating a customized card that resonates with the recipient.  I try to create cards that directly speak to the interests and sensibilities of the recipient, whether sent for a birthday, holiday, or “just because.”

My cards (I affectionately call them “Grace Notes” greeting cards) are generally of the vintage variety–think “shabby chic.” So when I came across a line of gorgeous cards, like the Verrier-Handcrafted line, that are markedly different than what I make…well, I can’t help myself.  After all, I’m the girl who has a tax deduction category for card and paper products, as related to my celebrancy work!

I can’t recall when I saw my first set of Verrier-Handcrafted cards, perhaps it was at a pop-up store at Grand Central Station or at the holiday open market in Bryant Park.  Regardless, I was giddy when I saw their upbeat design.   Verrier-Handcrafted is the brain child of Jude and Ashleigh Verrier.  While I am most familiar with their cards, they also offer prints and many other gifts and accessories, all available in high end brick and mortar stores, as well as online.

What’s unique about these beauties? They look like they could have been designed for Carrie Bradshaw, styled by the famous Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field herself!  They are beautifully bright and remind me of design sketches of the fashion designers of yesteryear—Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel ,Christian Dior or Yves Saint Laurent.  The neon greeting cards also contain copious amounts of glitter!  To be honest, these cards are so spectacular that I tend to hoard them a little for myself….waiting to be inspired for just the right person and occasion .  As the pandemic rolls on, I’ve become borderline manic about sending notes, cards, and tchotchkes.  Despite laggardly delivery by the US Post Office, I think my recipients enjoy them.  And I certainly know any friend or family member would be keen to have one from Verrier-Handcrafted.

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