Why I Make Waffles…During the Pandemic

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One of the reasons I became a Celebrant is because my family of origin didn’t spend much time marking occasions, happy or sad. I’ve mentioned many times that we struggled with illness and my own father’s departure when we were wee tots. So, there were practical and emotional reasons that not much was made of the holidays. My grandmother did the best she could to create a “normal” atmosphere, but there was always a dark cloud that loomed because my Mother was so very ill with Multiple Sclerosis. 

Years ago, when I was a young married woman, living in the Princeton area, I delighted in decorating our house for ALL the holidays. My ex-husband, who works with the Princeton University Library and Archives, routinely brought visiting scholars home for dinner or to stay as houseguests. I organized the neighborhood block parties in the summer and played host the many local kids who enjoyed free rein of our backyard swimming pool. I miss all of that.

So fast forward years later, as a single gal living in New York, I was drawn to the wonderful work of the Celebrant Foundation USA. This institution has trained so many of use in the craft of ceremony making—weddings, funerals, baby blessings, and much, much more. When I completed my training and launched my Celebrancy practice, my mantra was “Celebrate Always and in All Ways.” 

Today, we are in the middle of the pandemic and I sit in America’s hotspot of Covid-19 cases, New York City. I’m alone in an apartment downtown, doing my best to remain virus-free and socially connected. I don’t feel like celebrating anything, to be honest—but maybe if I do, it will change the way I feel. And so I did. 

My trusty holiday app showed it was “Waffle Day” today. Even very recently I lovingly prepared waffles for the young students with whom I’ve shared a home. They were happy and grateful to eat my simple food. So, I whipped up the mix, chopped up fruit that I managed to find at the Duane Reade drugstore, next door, and used the last bits of wonderful maple syrup I’d purchased on a trip to Quebec, only a few weeks ago.  

I prepared a nice plate and took a photo (as one does these days). The waffle was pretty good and the social media feedback, particularly from my housemates, now tucked away in homes far away, boosted my spirits for a bit.   

My new housemates are the journalists from MSNBC and other outlets. I’ll keep listening and making waffles, and such. I hope to be celebrating better days ahead.

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